Impact and Why TEDx

With over 19,000 events (on all seven continents!), there is at least one TEDx event happening every day somewhere on the planet (see figure 1). TEDx events are independently organized. This means that community members come together to curate events for their own communities. Encapsulated within this concept lies inherent power. An independent, individual event curated by communities for communities is novel because they can leverage interesting components specific to a community. Moreover, these events come together to create the global TEDx community, taking the psychological concept of ‘gestalt’ to a new level.

New Nudge, New Me

Let’s face it, human beings are inherently prejudiced. It is on the basis of this fact that the theories in Richard Thaler’s best-selling book, Nudge, are found. The idea simply put, suggests that human beings act according to certain patterns they have cultivated over the years. We are therefore unlikely to change our behaviour patterns just because we were told to do so. To take advantage of the “nudge theory”, government agencies have found ways to gently nudge consumers towards making certain choices. These could include encouraging manufacturers to produce smaller bowls of ice-cream or other unhealthy products in order to tackle obesity, rather than simply placing taxes on junk food. Another example of nudge in practice is the automatic enrolment of workers on to pension schemes rather than subjecting them to the time and effort required to opt in.

Your TEDx Talk

This year, TEDxLSE focused a lot on developing student speakers to represent the school at the conference, in order to make the event more about the LSE community. But we wanted to provide more personalized advice and assistance to what they were working on, more than what a Google search can provide. There is a lot of advice online about how to give a good TED Talk and how to host a good TED event, but none of those checklist blogs and generic videos are nearly as helpful as spending some focused time with an expert.

Developing TEDxLSE with Virtuozo

By Alex Hum

There is a learning curve to hosting a TEDx event, particularly as a university student-run organization that is overflowing with excitement, passion, sometimes to the point of having too many cooks. It’s not always clear what TED expects when they ask you to emulate their style and follow their rules. There are a lot of things to consider when managing the team, choosing speakers, structuring talks, and marketing the event that always seem to fall into grey area.

Enter Michael Weitz, with his experienced confidence, welcoming attitude, and casual charm.